Milestones in the evolution of the VIVACE converter from invention to Oscylator-4. In the third column R indicates major reaserch, D indicates development success.

# Date Milestone
01 2005-2006 Invention; patent application; introduction at the OMAE-2006 Conference
02 2006-2007 R Proof of concept and MRELab tests in Low Turbulence Free Surface Water (LTFSW) Channel
03 2006-2009 Systematic tests in MRELab on one cylinder Flow Induced Vibrations (FIV). Back-to-back VIV and galloping enable open-ended, high-response oscillations
04 2008-2009 Towing tank tests, University of Michigan: large cylinders in critical and post-critical flows
05 2009-2011 R Map of Passive Turbulence Control to FIM. Enabled selective triggering of FIM and early onset of galloping, right after VIV, resulting in open-ended high-amplitude response
06 Aug 2010 D First field-tests - two horizontal cylinders in tandem in the St. Clair River
07 2009-2015 1st and 2nd generation of virtual oscillator
08 2011 Galloping response with more than 4-diameter amplitude with vertical cylinders in towing tank
09 2010-2012 Holistic approach to studying multi-body synergistic FIV in the MRELab
10 2009-2013 Developed dedicated CFD codes, verified and validated, to complement experimental research particularly in flow-visualization and interaction between shear layers, vortices, and bodies
11 Sep 2012 2nd field-test - one vertical cylinder in the St. Clair River
12 Dec 2012 3rd field test - canals in The Netherlands with shorter cylinders in non-uniform flow
13 Jan 2013 4th field test in canals in The Netherlands with shorter cylinders in non-uniform flow
14 2012-2013 Rebuilt LTFSW Channel with deeper test section allowing up to 5 diameters amplitude
15 2015 Improved laser visualization with high-speed camera with video post-processing.
16 2015 R Proved that two cylinders in synergistic FIV produce 2.7-7.5 times the power of a single isolated cylinder
17 Jun-Sep 2016 D Oscylator-4 tested for three months in the St. Clair River. Four vertical cylinders in galloping. Proven good durability: TRL6 to TRL7
18 2016 R Three-cylinder synergy proving that three cylinders in synergistic FIV produce 3.4-over 5 times the power of a single isolated cylinder
19 2015-2017 R Achieved fluid-structure-space interaction to make VIVACE a real 3-D converter of high power-to-volume ratio
20 Immediate Future In this project, redesign Oscylator-4 as Oscylator-4B for quick-deployment/retrieval, low-cost maintenance, durability, reconciliation of power and efficiency optima.
21 Next step VHE is in search of industrial partner for more efficient commercialization